Spring Love

Photo by John Dehlin

Photo by John Dehlin

Spring has finally sprung! All I can say is that I am receiving the sunshine and warmer temperatures (and even the rain) with open arms. I am dancing, praising, singing, and engaging in all manner of merriment and celebration as a response to the recent turn in the weather. A new energy seems to find me this time of year. Is that true for you? The sun rises earlier and seems to beckon, the temperatures allow for more time outside, flowers and trees seem to burst forth with blooms and leaves—all that was dormant, spare, and quiet—returns to us now. I feel inspired by nature’s cycles and rhythms—and I find myself desiring to follow suit!

My desire to change things up is real. To update. To create. To discover. It is all in the energy of spring. I have felt drawn to watching new documentaries, trying out a new exercise routine, editing my home and pantry, creating a spring capsule menu, assessing my wardrobe for spring and summer, changing my work schedule to reflect a recent shift in priorities, and so much more! Life feels fresh and new. Updated. What have you felt prompted to create or update in your life lately? This idea of changing things up in the name of creativity can often feel like a gift to ourselves. A way to feel more alive and engaged in our own lives.

A Few Spring Loves

Podcast Love

I have long loved Invisibilia podcast from NPR (and I realize I have mentioned it here on the blog before). This episode on pain blew me away. I was so moved by the absolute fierceness (and desperation) of the main character and many others who take part in a program prescribed as the only viable alternative to a life of opioids. See for yourself the lengths these teens will go to in an effort to come to terms with the malfunction (and betrayal) of their brains with regard to how they experience debilitating pain. Their courage, determination, and resilience truly brought me to my emotional knees.

Documentary Love

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicone Valley is a must see. I truly could not figure out Elizabeth Holmes. That is okay as I was thoroughly absorbed in the build up and gradual unraveling of this character and company. Here is the trailer. If you love True Crime Documentaries, consider this list for more ideas! Just don’t freak yourself out!

Amazing Grace is up next for John and myself. Can’t wait— as I don’t know a lot about Aretha Franklin!

Seasonal Eating Love

Warmer weather invites me to consider a moving away from the stews and soups of winter to more salads and lighter foods. Asparagus with fresh lemon. Green beans sauteed in a bit of garlic. Fresh strawberries. Spinach salads. I enjoy incorporating the foods of the spring season into my capsule menu each week. I am welcoming the change! Do you shift the way you eat at all to match what is in season?

Fragrance Love

During the colder months, I tend to appreciate warm and grounding fragrances for myself and for the home. When spring arrives, I am ready for an update. Therefore, I have switched out the fragrances in my home for fresher versions. Home candles and essential oils now embody the smells of spring. I appreciate citrus or green notes a bit more than florals. How about you? I have also shifted my signature fragrance for spring and summer. Do you have a different fragrance for spring and summer than you do for fall and winter? What are your favorites?

A Sense Bath for Spring

Something new I have been trying is to head outside each day for at least ten minutes. This can happen during a lunch break or first thing in the morning. Whatever time works best for you. Just prepare to feel relaxed and invigorated! Have you heard of forest bathing? Here is a little tweak for those of us who may not have a forest immediately accessible. Have a little bath for your senses! It can be in the form of a walk, a daily meditation, or a moment to simply sit in your yard. Whatever form you choose, just try to allow your senses to take over. I try to allow myself to feel the sun on my face. I fully feel that warmth. I hear the birds. I differentiate from one bird’s voice to another. I reach for and feel leaves or tree bark or grass. I appreciate the warmth of green and the bursts of color as I truly appreciate and see what is immediately around me. When I feel thoughts come up, I just return to my sense of choice! Now, I realize that I am lacking the sense of taste so technically, not all the senses are represented here. If that bothers you—you could eat some nature! Flower? Leaf? No, don’t. Really. Don’t do it. It isn’t being nice to nature. Ha!

I would love to hear how spring has inspired you this year. What are some of your reflections from this post? I always appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for reading!