My Decision to Embrace the Silver


Hello there! Have you been formally met my silver hair? Consider yourselves officially introduced! While it may look like all my silver is contained in the front parts of my hair, let me assure you that the silver is actually sprinkled throughout. Some aspects of going silver are more easy to take (the relative ease and cost) than others (the wiry sprigs that pop up spontaneously amidst the day, the yellowing). Regardless, I thought I would share a bit of why I have decided to go silver and some products or strategies that have been working for me. My hope is that some of you will offer what is currently working for you too! Ready to get started?

Now for all of my friends out there who dye your hair, I appreciate and fully support and celebrate your decision. I am aware that there are many paths to aging well—and I support women honoring themselves and feeling good about their choices! This post is meant to offer support for those women who have already chosen to go silver or who are considering it.


  1. For the ease of working with my hair’s natural process. It is a simplifier for me to embrace the “what is” state of my hair rather than to schedule hair appointments, find the salon time, and work with figuring out out what dye to use (toxic/nontoxic, color, etc..).

  2. For the inherent cost benefit. While I have had to invest in a few key products that work well with silver hair, I do not spend time and money on hair processes in the salon. And that is nice.

  3. For the cultural statement it seems to make. For whatever reason, I feel like I am showing that I can be a reasonably attractive, self-respecting woman without dyeing my hair. I challenge our culture’s overall predisposition that perpetual youth is what we are striving for or that aging is a sign of weakness or inferiority. In a culture that still highly values women for their beauty over their abilities and contribution, I am willing to walk down a road with the desire to EMBODY my age. Silver hair allows me to feel that I am doing that.

  4. I feel authentic with silver hair. The decision to embrace my silver hair is a way to show that I value myself as I am. Right here. Right now. Inherently. It feels honoring to just BE with myself as I am and learn to feel empowered around that—as opposed to feeling like I must “fix” my silver hair or wrinkly eyes to compete with a narrative. I embrace the natural process of my hair losing pigment. And in so doing, I fully embrace myself.


  1. Choosing a shampoo that works with silver hair is crucial. My silver hair looked a bit more on the yellow side before I began using Klorane. This shampoo is not drying like some others I have tried.

  2. Condition well. Silver hair does seem to be naturally a bit more dry. Conditioning allows for a great feel but also, some shine! Love that!

  3. Use clear or white styling products. I tend to use a pomade by Giovanni that helps tend to my wiry rebels. I also use a simple Deva Curl product for my curls. Neither of these products will break the bank. Find simple products that are high quality with little color (other than purple which works well in moderation for silver!)

  4. Go easy on the heat or use a quality, clear heat protectant spray. Silver hair is a bit more fragile. Treat it with care. I have noticed that I have also started working with my curly hair, as well as my silver hair!

I do realize that I am embracing silver hair and calling it empowerment— while I clearly do not embrace all processes of aging alike—simply because they are “natural.” I regularly work my muscles even though it is “natural” to lose muscle mass. I try new things designed to challenge my brain even though it is “natural” for our brains to slow a bit. I apply lotion to my skin amidst having wrinkles. I enjoy pedicures even though it is “natural” to have callused feet. Do you see where I am going with this?? I am in no way saying that I do not work against some natural processes of aging. I have simply decided that my silver hair is not one of them. Exercising my body feels honoring. I love a good crossword in the morning. Oils and lotions give my skin a glow that I appreciate. Pedicures are fun and allow my feet to feel better in shoes. Dyeing my hair? Not so much for me! It is that simple.

However you navigate your own aging process is entirely up to you. Know that I am with you amidst it all. Aren’t we so grateful to be alive and on this planet? We all deserve to navigate aging in a way that feels deeply honoring to us. I am wishing you my best and sending all my support as you navigate what aging well means to you.

Would you ever consider going silver? What has it meant to you to sport silver hair? If you are silver, what are some of your best strategies or tips?