14 Summer Pleasures

The summer months are here! Are you waking up to sunshine spilling through your blinds or curtains each morning—the light reaching out to you like an invitation to begin each day at the dawn’s light? Are you feeling the length of the day extending well into the evening hours beckoning you to live each day all the way through? The demands of the school year and that schedule are gradually fading into the distance too. Thankfully! Our senses receive so much this time of year— we feel the warmth of the air or witness the lushness of the natural world or see the blue expanse of sky overhead. Birds tweet and fill our ears with the suggestion that all is well. Summer is the season where so much of what we experience is alive and peaking. Are you feeling it? Here are a few things I have been enjoying about summer so far!

14 Simple Summer Pleasures…

  1. I sleep in a bit later (until 7) and create a summer tailored morning routine that feels less rushed.

  2. I spend more time outside (eating, sitting, hiking, walking, meditating). Whatever I can do outside (particularly in the morning and evening times), I am there!

  3. I enjoy the fresh food of summer—like salads, corn on the cob, berries, peaches, and high quality marinated fish or meat on special nights.

  4. I savor the quiet of summer mornings (as my teens are often asleep until 10). I love choosing what feels right for that particular morning. Do I want to write? Read something centering? Catch up on house chores? The freedom! Oh, the quiet!

  5. I often take my morning coffee out to a chair on our porch outside. I savor each sip and listen to the birds.

  6. I try to read during the day. That just feels like a summer thing to do! Bonus—if I can fall asleep for a wee nap! Rare but so satisfying!

  7. I minimize any complex decisions when it comes to getting dressed this time of year. My capsule wardrobe is free and easy. Shorts or flow-y capris with tanks and tees. So effortless and comfortable.

  8. I look forward to relaxing evening bike rides into our local town to grab a gelato or a quick dinner at the food trucks.

  9. I open the windows for the majority of the day. The summer sounds travel inside and make me feel connected with the outside world. Love it!

  10. I share more space and conversations with my children. I love having them around. We may watch a show together, head out for errands, enjoy an iced coffee in the heat of the afternoon. More time equals feeling less stressed and rushed in our connections with one another.

  11. I am more apt to buy or pick fresh flowers! What is it about flowers that just give off the happy vibe?

  12. I head to our local farmer’s market to appreciate the true artisanship that stems from our local community. From homemade soaps to vegetables to pastries to fresh lemonade to homemade jewelry— I adore the energy that surrounds these gathering places during the summer.

  13. I appreciate having more space to dream and be. Do you have memories of summer as a child? I remember playing tag and swimming until late at night but I also remember lying the grass and looking up at the sky like I had all the time in the world. I remember feeling more room to be myself outside the constant confines of schedule. I find that I love that as an adult too. I try to allow for some open time as I can—to swing in our backyard or gaze up at the stars. We must intentionally create spaces to connect to and feel a sense of wonder.

  14. I look forward to trips, near and far. Whether it is a day trip to Bear Lake or packing up the car for a road trip to Seattle (Hello Johnsons!!)—going on excursions can be a bit easier this time of year. Having time to explore different restaurants or places in our own city or town can be so fun—as can traveling to an entirely new place altogether. Either way, there is something about exploring that is innately exciting. We tend to be more awake to what we see. We tend to be more in the moment. And we often come home feeling refreshed and invigorated with all the new memories we made being away.

What are you enjoying about the summer months so far? I would love to hear what some of your summer pleasures are!