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I thought I would share a few simple things I have been loving recently! Why? Well, because we are friends. When I get together with my close peoples, one of my most favorite conversations to have is to hear what my friends are enjoying. Books. Podcasts. Personal care. Food. Rituals. Clothing. Whatever it is—I am all ears! An added bonus? If I choose to read or listen or try their recommend, I feel instantly connected to them. Isn’t that lovely too? So let’s pretend we are out to lunch today and I am giving you a few of my “shares.”

  1. When I was in Vermont this summer, I noticed a diffuser from Sweet Grass Farm in a friend’s powder room. The fragrance was so enticing—warm and fresh. Not too strong. When I returned home, I promptly ordered a few candles from Sweet Grass Farm as a way to remember my trip. I recommend the fragrances, Vanilla Milk and New England Woods to start. I tend to use my diffuser regularly too—and have recently stocked up on cinnamon and clove essential oils to get the fall diffuser party started too!

  2. I am not an accessories person but these earrings from Etsy have been lighting me up! Simple. Nature-inspired. Comfortable. Lovely. Ear climbers are what they are called! Now they may not be your style. I get that. Just putting it out there. Take it or leave it.

  3. A recent podcast on The Armchair Expert--Experts on Expert with John Gottman had me all worked up (in the best way) on my morning walk. If you want to listen to an entertaining conversation with one of the world’s finest relationship experts (and who wouldn’t want that?), check out this episode. A couple of favorite moments? When John Gottman talks about a general difference between men and women and how we approach sex. Men want sex to feel intimacy and closeness. Women want sex when they feel intimate with the person. Interesting, right? I also love how Gottman expands on the idea of foreplay. I am buying it! John is doing dishes. Fixing my morning coffee. And don’t worry, I have him covered too!

  4. I am experimenting with a couple new fragrances that have cleaner ingredients this fall and winter season. I have received my first one—and am already enjoying it. It is called Vanilla Woods by The Seven Virtues. Check out the ethics behind this company! I felt like I was a good person just for making this purchase. Now that is some smart marketing!

  5. YOGA is my ZEN. It just is. I made my way back to class recently. To be clear, I love moving my body in so many ways. The Bar Method. Running. HIIT training. Cardio dancing. Walking. For whatever reason, yoga is feeling like home to me right now. Part of that is because my lower back has been so problematic—but yoga just seems to lull that tiger to sleep. Not to mention, I had forgotten how beautiful it feels to just take an hour to simply move and breathe. That is it. Move and breathe. Move and breathe. I am aiming for a couple of times a week. Why do I attend a class when it is so easy to practice at home? I have a motivation problem when it comes to practicing a full hour. The social component provides a structure piece that holds my motivation in check! It is good to know ourselves, right?

Now if we actually were at lunch, I am sure you would share a few things with me too. Right? You wouldn’t have me talk all by myself! Well, now it is your turn! I would love to hear a few things that have been working for you lately. What has been lighting you up? I am all ears.

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