A Meditation for the Heavyhearted

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I have a meditation ritual for my everyday life. It is accessible. Practical. And centering.  I began my practice nearly three years ago as a meditation novice. I had very little exposure to mindfulness so I began a journey of trying out some different practices. What worked best for me was using the Calm app. You definitely don’t need an … Read More

Weekly Share–May 4, 2018

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Friday is such a happy day. How has your week felt to you? We have had a full one. John returned from Chicago on Monday. So happy he is home! Clara celebrated her 17th birthday on Wednesday. We have a college graduation coming up for my daughter, Anna.  And the regular life stuff too. Spring continues to show her astounding … Read More

A Ritual for Bedtime

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As a culture, we often pride ourselves on the long hours we work. On how busy we are. It is like an unwritten code that at the root of every “success” story is an inherently overworked human being. And yet, in spite of our productivity, sleep remains elusive for more than 60 million Americans. We are exhausted and overworked but … Read More

Weekly Share–April 6, 2018

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Well, it has been a week, hasn’t it? It feels like we have experienced some days filled with purpose and resolve–and we have also experienced the vulnerability that can sometimes accompany living our truth.  I am wishing you a weekend with some space to rest and recover from it all. May you surround yourself with those who know and love … Read More

Healthy Coping

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Life can feel challenging. There is plenty of pain and struggle to go around. And while we are wired for growth and positive adaptation–we are the ones who must tend to the parts of ourselves that need honoring. We must create room to heal as we live. As tempting as it may be to avoid or distract ourselves from the … Read More