Ways to Savor Autumn


I love the idea of living in the moment. I do. Still, a little planning can go a long way. Especially when it comes to savoring the few short months of the autumn season. I want to go deep with autumn. Really experience it. Have you felt the morning crisp in the air these past few days? Have you noticed how the sun feels like it is gently withdrawing from summer prominence into a softened state, particularly each morning and at the end of the day?  Fall is coming!! And I am ready. Here are some simple ways I plan to savor autumn.

  1. Take weekly walks/runs in the canyon. Pause for the colors. And listen for the crunch of the leaves.

  2. Enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Sip. Pause. Express gratitude for its heavenly flavor. Repeat.

  3. Make an apple crisp. Serve with vanilla bean ice cream.

  4. Pull out the soft throws, twinkle lights, and natural candles. Cozy up!

  5. Cook apple cinnamon oatmeal in the mornings.

  6. Add a sweater or two to my capsule wardrobe.

  7. Savor the art of the evening fall walk with John.

  8. Rake and bag leaves from our yard but play in them first!

  9. Introduce some comfort foods into the dinner rotation. Hello, minestrone soup!

  10. Bike ride into our local downtown for the evening. Grab a hot drink. Loiter.

  11. Roast marshmallows. Make s'mores.

  12. Find a local hayride that serves cider. Grab the family. Go!

Do you love the fall season? What are some ways you want to savor autumn? I would love to hear!