Weekly Share - February 2, 2018


Hello there!

I am excited to share a few of the things that have brought me JOY this week. This will be a recurring post each Friday. It is meant to be light but meaningful. Do let me know how you like them.

For your mind

If you are looking for a little mental challenge in your life that is quick and oh-so-satisfying--try the NYTimes daily mini crossword. Does that sound crazy? No, wait! Usually crosswords are difficult and leave me feeling... not so intelligent. I get it. They take a reeaalllyy long time too! But this puzzle. This crossword takes me less than five minutes to complete (usually unless I am googling hard which I sometimes need to do).  Hey! It is still learning. And it plays you a little song when you are done! So satisfying.


For mothers and daughters ( and I would add that this is equally important for sons)

Shefali Tsabary short

Food for your soul

I do love nature. And hence, I appreciate beautiful nature photography. My cousin's photography is beyond stunning. Do you doubt me? Check it out Scott Tallman's amazing views here or you can find him on instagram under dscotttallman.

Need to relax?

Get into some seriously cozy clothes, grab a soft blanket and enjoy your favorite snack while watching... Parenthood! Seven seasons, baby!  Ron Howard, people! We are watching it all AGAIN with our teens this time (yes...it is that good). You can find it currently on netflix for streaming. We love this show! It took us a few episodes to get into it but just you wait.

What is something that has brought you joy this week that you would love to share? Do tell!!