Weekly Share--April 25, 2018


Hello there! I am back from my week away. One exam has been successfully taken and passed. I have my oral exam on Saturday.  Exciting, right? I am slightly terrified, actually. But fear must be faced. Yes? Spring is in full bloom here in Salt Lake City.  It is a regular feast for the eyes, don't you think? I  love how nature bursts forth at this time of year. Color. Color. Everywhere! Just try to ignore it. Amidst all of my studying, I have collected a few musings of goodness.  Don't we all need that? Ready?

For Your Pleasure 

I believe in eating whole food. I love my fruits and vegetables. I add meat on occasion. I also enjoy a good treat. Read that again. Good treat. Am I alone in this? Lately, I have been loving these dark chocolate almond delicious morsels made by Dove. They are so creamy. And I love the crunch that the bits of almond give to each bite. So satisfying. If dark chocolate appeals to you--you may just want to add these to your grocery cart this week! The link is just to help you identify what they are.  When might I enjoy these tiny bits of goodness? I will have them after my bath in the evening. Or after lunch if I need a little something sweet. So glad you asked!

But that is not all! I have also been loving these frozen treats from Trader Joe's. Clearly, these would be for those who enjoy a little coffee flavor in their lives. Now, I come caffeinated.  Seriously, though. And while some people are impervious to caffeine (like my cute husband and son), I do feel a kick so I eat these after lunch versus after dinner. I am just more sensitive to things that way. What is some simple treat that you have been enjoying?

For Your Nostalgic Self

As a human and also as a mother, there are times in my life when I feel blindsided by how time passes quickly.  How about you? And this is amidst a real effort to live fully in the present moment! I try. But for me, I have learned to just let it come as it does. Suddenly. And to marvel at the mystery of life and time.

I have had some beautiful moments with my children lately. Maya had her photography show at USU this past weekend. That girl has just taken her heart and put it out there for all to see. Time and time again. She has taken her own suffering and created such beauty from it all. She is kind and strong and resolute.

Anna will graduate from USU this next week.  Her work ethic is unparalleled. She is earning her degree in psychology with honors. Her passion for research is inspiring. But it is her self discovery that just makes me beam with pride.

Clara returned from a trip to NYC this past week. Do you see in her the photo down below? Gazing out upon the NYC skyline? Clara returned from the weekend inspired and empowered to make some big changes in her life. She is learning to honor her own voice. Did I mention that she will be turning 17 on May 2nd. 17!

And Winston is showing a renewed independence around these parts. Flying a bit more on his own terms but also wanting to share what he experiences.  My little boy is now approaching 6 feet.

These ever growing individuals were once my wee ones. Utterly dependent on us for everything, with the tiniest of hands and toes. We used to share our days so intimately. Breakfasts and walks and reading stories.  Katrina Kenison is my soul whisperer in this way. Have you seen the video based on her book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day? It is a must see. Be ready. I cry every time. Yes. There are times that I must let the reality of how children grow up wash over me-- so that I can really see and experience the gloriousness of what is before me NOW.  And then, I can let it all go. It is a practice of sorts. Are you like this at all?


For Your Health

I love the idea of taking small steps with regard to our health and wellness. When we do huge overhauls--it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Or too challenging to commit to for a lifetime. The biggest changes come from the little changes in our daily habits over time. Drinking more water. Centering ourselves on a new thought. Going for a ten minute walk each day. Eating only salads for lunch. Whatever the case may be! This month, I have been working on eating more greens. Kale. Spinach. I am adding them to my eggs for breakfast. To my bean salads for lunch. I put handfuls in soup. Greens. Greens. Greens.

When I incorporate any new habit into my life, I try to be aware of how I feel. It ends up serving as experiential positive reinforcement! Case in point? I have been loving how simply adding more greens to my meals has made me feel more energized. Truly. What is one positive change you have made in your life lately?

Do you have any shares for me? Any insights from this post? I have missed you!