Weekly Share--April 6, 2018


Well, it has been a week, hasn't it? It feels like we have experienced some days filled with purpose and resolve--and we have also experienced the vulnerability that can sometimes accompany living our truth.  I am wishing you a weekend with some space to rest and recover from it all. May you surround yourself with those who know and love you best. Good love heals. In the meantime, here are some simple things that have brought me pleasure. For your health

For breakfast lately, I have been enjoying a simple addition to my morning food rotation. In honor of spring, I cut up some fresh berries. Strawberries. Blackberries. Blueberries. I pile them nice and high in my bowl. Put a dollop (yes...I did say dollop) of plain greek yogurt. Add some fresh flax meal. Maybe a line of local honey across the top if you desire a little extra sweetness (yes, please!). Enjoy! I have been especially hungry lately so I actually add this to my steel cut oatmeal in the morning but it can also stand alone. It is so tasty! And with protein and fiber--it is the perfect start to a spring day.

For your body and mind and soul

I have been amazed at how much joy a simple walk with a loved one brings me. Think about it. We connect emotionally with who we are walking with--talking freely about our lives and situations. But we also are physical. Moving our bodies steadily as the time flies by. This is beauty, people. There is nature and birds and trees. The smell of the birth of a new day. Try it out! Grab a love and head outside.

For a lovely distraction

I am reading a lovely book called Ginny Moonby Benjamin Ludwig. When life has heavier content, I find that my mind gravitates toward compelling reads that demand my attention and take me out of my life a bit. Who doesn't love a little escape? But I also tend to want to take a break from the heavy. This novel is refreshing and accessible. Amusing and tender. Told from the perspective of a thirteen year old girl with autism-- Ginny is forced out of the home of her abusive birth mother and placed into the foster care system. After being placed with her "forever family", Ginny risks her new life for a part of her world she left behind. And with this--a bit of a mystery unfolds. If you need a delightful distraction, check out this heartwarmingly brave tale!

For your pleasure

I love a little body decadence. Do you? Lately, I have been applying Trader Joe's coconut body butter after my bath or shower. Talk about bliss! My sister recently mentioned this gem on my self care feed on Instagram. Heaven! It smells divine. Feels extra hydrating on my parched, dry skin. My body just drinks it up. No worries if you don't happen to live near a Trader Joe's. Why not step up your daily lotion  to a body butter of your choice? It is perfect for the cracked heels that often accompany winter. And it just feels pampering! Pick a fragrance that makes you sing. Who doesn't need a little of that about now?

Now it is your turn! What has been bringing you pleasure this week? Care to share? Sometimes the greatest joys are in the little decisions we make each day. Yes? Wishing you a lovely weekend.