Weekly Share--February 23, 2018


This past week, Salt Lake City suddenly remembered it was winter! We have snow, people! While it can be stressful to drive in, I do appreciate the simple and soothing beauty of a world of white.  I love to watch the snow fall...especially when I am warm and cozy inside my home with no place to go. How about you? I did receive some feedback from a few of you about how winter can be difficult for you to enjoy. "I hear you. I see you." To quote Parenthood! And so, I begin my weekly share...

For those who struggle with the winter season 

Shannon is the curator of The Simply Luxurious Life blog. She is an author, teacher, blogger, and podcaster. Shannon writes about living both simply and luxuriously. Makes sense, yes? It is the title of her blog! Check out her blogpost on "9 Ways to Lift the Winter Blahs." I personally recognized a few of her suggestions. I love incorporating hygge concepts into the season. I love soft blankets and warm baths. I savor playing Scrabble with a hot drink with anyone who will play with me. I also enjoy lighting candles and turning on twinkly lights amidst my slower days/nights at home. Dim or soft light seems especially soothing amidst the darkness of winter. I am all about comfort so I am in full support of having soft lounge clothes or pajamas (no need to get pricey here) to change into-- preferably after dinner. I talked a bit last week about how investing in  quality winter attire can make outdoor outings more inviting and enjoyable. I am not so great at principle one. That might be a good one to strengthen. What suggestions are your favorites? Any that you would like to try?

For those who love a little relationship humor

A dear friend of mine (who happens to be a therapist) introduced me to this hilarious short video.  It can feel this way sometimes, can't it?

For those who are interested in a new read

I noticed recently that Exit West by Mohsin Hamid was on Barack Obama's list for his favorite books. I put it on hold at our local library immediately! It is a unique love story set in a time of ongoing conflict. I was drawn in immediately. The author provides seemingly random, narrow windows of escape from the story that leave the reader feeling as displaced as we often are-- from places of war and unrest. Fascinating.



This boy. Or rather, this young man. Every word those mothers told me was true. Children do grow up fast. I hold and remember each age of this lad, along with his current self. His 14th birthday falls this Sunday. Winston Joel Dehlin. Doesn't he melt your heart a little? He is named after Winston Churchill and John's brother, Joel Dehlin--one of our favorite humans on the planet. The boy has requested his meals for the day with great enthusiasm. He stands now, the second tallest in the family-- which is really saying something. At 6 feet, he nearly bends in half to hug me.

We will sink deep into the hours of the 25th--and celebrate the gift that Winston is to us. I know you have loves like this too. His humor. Warm eyes. Wise and measured heart. Winston's grounded way of being with difficult things. His dance moves and amazing singing voice. How he truly stops to listen to those in pain. His love for Macklemore. And how the boy can debate taxes one day and gun control another. I love the way his body attests to his love of the physicality of life-- as he skateboards, snowboards, or runs for the frisbee amidst a tournament.  So that is what is in store for us. Just thought I would share. We will gather. We will celebrate. We will remember.

I hope you have some loved ones (related or not) you can gather with this weekend.  Or that you can gather yourself in for a weekend of nurturing you. Any fun plans?  Do you have any shares for me? What have you been enjoying lately? I would love to hear from you.