Weekly Share-February 9, 2018


Hello again! Thank you for stopping by to see a few of the things that have been bringing me joy and meaning this week (and if you have missed my past weekly shares, feel free to explore them by using the tabs to the right!). I would love to hear any of your recommendations as well. Won't you share? For your life

I have found minimalism to be a wonderful way to explore what I value in my life more clearly. Many people associate minimalism with either a very austere and spare aesthetic or in the act of throwing a bunch of stuff away. I think both of those associations miss the mark. Minimalism has allowed me to strip away some of the excess around me and within me--so that I can get about the business of living my life in a more intentional and unencumbered way. Often times, getting rid of the excess can be part of this process but it is not the point of the pursuit. Having said that, when it comes to clothes or belongings, my approach is definitely less is more. And quality over quantity. Consider eating in a minimalist way. Or creating an exercise plan in a more minimalist way. I can write some posts illustrating these ideas a bit, if you like. But if simplifying sounds interesting to you, you might enjoy The Minimalists podcast with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  My favorite episodes are the ones centered around a topic so look for those. I have found the podcasts definitely "add value" to my life, which is a concept they happen to talk a great deal about! Do you have a podcast that you enjoy? Care to share?

For your body

A favorite breakfast I have been enjoying lately is a slight change from the one I mentioned on a Mormon Transitions podcast several months ago. Ready? I have been loving two boiled eggs cut up over some wilted spinach or mixed greens. Add a little salt and pepper. A slice of hearty, whole grain toast. Maybe this tea. I do love myself a hot drink--and this tea was a gift from a friend so it is doubly joyful. I tend to alternate this breakfast with my other staple--a bowl of steel cut oatmeal. Delish! It is working for me lately. What breakfast have you been enjoying?

For your mind

A book I am currently loving. I am devouring this book. It is not an easy read (meaning not light or always pleasant) but it is a beautiful one. The novel introduces us to a young girl in Mexico whose major plight is being born female amidst a time of great instability and peril. Whether it is young girls being taken from their homes by members of drug cartels (and never heard from again) or the sense of abandonment that is felt from the men of the village leaving their families for a new life in America or the extreme poverty depicted in a seemingly matter of fact way--Prayers for the Stolen provides us a fierce protagonist, full of heart, who remains optimistic and resilient in the face of overwhelming adversity. Are you reading a good book? Would you recommend it?

For your relationships

As a society, we do not really "do" boundaries well. Nor do we understand why we might need them. Brene Brown is a master at conveying the importance of boundaries, especially with regard to being able to feel empathy in our relationships with those we love or simply must live around.  This video is a must see!

I hope you have found something of value here. I appreciate you stopping by. If you feel comfortable, please consider sharing a few of your own recommendations in the comments section below! I would love to hear what is working for you.