Weekly Share--March 30,2018


Happy Friday to you! In Salt Lake City this morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and spring seems to have found us for the moment. My week has been a full one. Not busy, but full. How has your week felt to you? Here are some things that made my week a bit more interesting. For Your Relationship

This weekend, John and I will head to a local hotel for a night. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the time and money to vacation full throttle. A few years ago, we began exploring where we live with new eyes. We love booking a night or two in SLC and visiting all of our favorite places in town. We don't plan it at all--we live in the moment--making decisions as we go. Are we hungry? What do we feel like doing? I am always amazed at what a little getaway can do! I find it to be a little refresher to our life and relationship.

Another For Your Relationship

Boundaries, people. I love how Brene Brown ties boundaries to increased empathy. Culturally, we are not really taught how to create boundaries and when it is appropriate to do so. This video definitely provides the WHY and reframes boundaries as an act of self love and love for others. Love it!


For Your Mind and Soul

Tara Westover was in town this week. She is the author of the book, Educated. I realize I mentioned her on my blog a couple of weeks ago. Her memoir is the harrowing story of a young girl born into a survivalist family in Idaho. While denied a public education, Tara eventually finds her way to Cambridge, eventually earning a PhD in history. I wholeheartedly recommend her book! Even more, check out her interview with Doug Fabrizio here. In addition, John Dehlin conducted a wonderful Q&A with Tara on Mormon Stories too. Might I say that John's interview brought out some different sides of Tara--and we hear from a couple of her relatives too! Check it out!

For Your Health

I feel as though parts of me are literally waking up from the winter. Never estimate the power of small changes with regard to your health and well being. I am focusing on adding fresh berries and greens into my daily life. They are in season currently and so tasty! I am also getting outside to move my body, focusing on my senses as I experience spring. I am also drinking more water. And trying to find a moment each day to feel the sun on my face. Spring can be such a natural time to wake up the parts of ourselves that have been dormant. No need to to go big here. Consider leaning into some small changes that will provide you with health and pleasure benefits. What comes to mind for you??

Please feel free to leave any comments down below as to what has been bringing you joy and meaning this week? Or are there any small health or wellness changes you are leaning into? I love to hear from you!