My Workout Routine for Fall

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   Clara and I all ready for the High Fitness class we took together this summer. It was fun and challenging!   With the start of school the past couple of weeks, “routine” has officially shown up! She is like a long lost friend. I just want to hug “routine”.  I want to write her a love poem. Or maybe … Read More

Five Winning Strategies for Relationships

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The photo above was taken by the talented Maya Dehlin. And nope. We do not have a dog. But the dog insisted on photo bombing our session–sitting so perfectly–and well, we just don’t turn living things away like that. Look at those eyes! The dog needed a picture with us. Clearly. As a follow up to my last post, I … Read More

Weekly Share of Shares – May 18, 2018

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Greetings to you on this fine Friday! Why the stop sign you might ask? It isn’t particularly beautiful, I know. But it is fitting! Have you had times in your life when experiences rise up and make you literally stop in your tracks in order to pay closer attention? Well…that is where I am currently.  Hence, the stop sign. Many … Read More

Strategies to Simplify an Overactive Life

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Photo by Maya Dehlin The “busy” happens to all of us. As deliberate as I try to be–life can snowball into “overwhelm” without a great deal of effort. It happens. But as my fatigue builds or my anxiety mounts with the increasing demands of my life, I have found a few strategies that help to bring me back down again. I am sure … Read More

Weekly Share–May 4, 2018

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Friday is such a happy day. How has your week felt to you? We have had a full one. John returned from Chicago on Monday. So happy he is home! Clara celebrated her 17th birthday on Wednesday. We have a college graduation coming up for my daughter, Anna.  And the regular life stuff too. Spring continues to show her astounding … Read More

A Ritual for Bedtime

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As a culture, we often pride ourselves on the long hours we work. On how busy we are. It is like an unwritten code that at the root of every “success” story is an inherently overworked human being. And yet, in spite of our productivity, sleep remains elusive for more than 60 million Americans. We are exhausted and overworked but … Read More