Holiday Wishes


The holidays are upon us. We are nearly at the close of a year-- with the beginning of 2019 beckoning us forward! Who is ready for a new year? Thank you for joining me here these past several months. Your comments have brought me such comfort and joy.

I am wishing you a holiday break that feels good to you. This time of year can feel wrought with anxiety, expectations, loss, and loneliness. These feelings show up right alongside the joy and anticipation of gathering and celebrating with those we cherish. May you gift yourself moments of what you need most to feel alive, to heal, and to connect with those who love you best.

My holiday break will afford me moments of sleeping in a bit later, outside workouts, cozy reading sessions, hot baths, movie afternoons and evenings, meals prepared and shared together, and moments of honoring relationships that continue to evolve and flourish. What are you hoping to gift yourself this season?

I am sending you love amidst it all.