Weekly Share--April 13, 2018


Congratulations on making it to Friday. Do you have something special planned for the weekend? Or are you happy to put on some comfy clothes and relax a bit? I have been so happy to see blooming things on my runs lately. Have you noticed the blossoms and flowers? I am feeling a bit of a "spring" in my step these days. Wow. Did you notice what I did there? Let's get on with the share part, shall we?

For Your Relationships

During my Calm meditation today, Tamara (I call her by her first name cause it makes me feel like we are friends. See that?) ended the day's meditation with a thought about kind communication. It works for so many scenarios! I am sure many of you have heard it. But aren't reminders a lovely thing? We have so much to remember! So, straight from Rumi . When you want to share a thought/idea/experience/suggestion--you simply consider--

  1. Is it true?

  2. Is it necessary?

  3. Is it kind?

Now, I know some people have taken this to mean that if the thing you want to share isn't one of those points, you just don't say anything. And I do think sometimes, that may be a good call. But I also think that these questions guide us to refine how we communicate the thought so we are less apt to do harm to those around us. We may adjust how we communicate based on what point is lacking. And I might suggest that if in fact, your thought or suggestion may not be true or necessary--further self-exploration may be a good idea.  Thoughts on this?

For Your Taste Buds

Ahem! I love guacamole. Yes, it would be best if I made my own. And I do-- sometimes-- as the weather gets warmer. But for now, Sabra guacamole is doing me straight. Avocado is good for both your heart and brain. The list of ingredients is pretty darn clean too. Beautiful! Pass me the chips and guacamole. I am ready.

For Your Soul

Just watch this Ted Talk. Andrew Solomon shows how our worst moments make us who we are. So beautiful.

For Your Life

If you love the idea of living simply but just can't seem to make it happen, you may want to check out the new book by Courtney Carver called Soulful Simplicity. I love Courtney's approach to minimalism as it is so honoring and kind. And the decluttering idea really isn't as much about what you take away (I mean it is... but that isn't all it is) but what you actually gain from having less. Like time. Like energy. Like peace of mind. Like a life that feels like you. This book is a wonderful mix of strategy and story. If you have the slightest itch to simplify or slow down a bit, this book just might provide a little bit of motivation!

For Your Entertainment

So, John introduced me to a documentary a couple of weeks ago. He did announce it on Facebook-- so fine if you saw it already. But if you want to just live a day completely glued to the couch (and who doesn't want to do that?) or if you find yourself sick and at home --do I have a show for you! So addictive! Check out Wild Wild Country on Netflix. It is about the cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who brought his followers over from India to settle in Oregon's Wasco County during the 1980s. Think of sexually explorative cult members meeting folks from a Christian small town. Oh dear. Countless times, I found myself asking, "How do I not remember hearing about this?" It is triggering at times-- but psychologically, so interesting... and yes, disturbing. You need to have some emotional energy to spare with this one!

For Your Body and Pleasure

These bath bombs are natural--and they smell divine! I used  "Relax" just last night. Heaven!  I am making a point to have them on hand for myself (yes!) but also for my college daughters to enjoy when they come home.

That is all I have for now. I am wishing good things for you this weekend. Feel free to share some things that are making your life sweeter lately. I would love to hear! It is so nice to share.