Weekly Share–February 16, 2018

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It is Friday once more! You made it! How did your week feel to you? Are you excited for the weekend?

I am feeling like slowing life down a bit the next few days.  Anyone with me? Things have been wonderfully full around here. So exciting and brimming with life. But now, I am ready to cozy up with a book by the fire! First things first though– I do have a few shares.

For Your Body, Mind, and Relationship

We received a bit of snow today. Snow has felt like a rarity in the Salt Lake area this winter. It felt glorious to be outside as the flurries were swirling about us. We felt like we were walking in a snow globe wonderland! A couple of weekends ago, John and I ventured up into the mountains to spend the morning cross country skiing. I must say that my enjoyment of winter grows the more I spend time outside IN it. I have read countless books on Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. One thing I admire is how the cultures really support the experience of winter. Citizens invest in cold weather gear that is both comfortable and practical. I remember at the time of my reading, I  was wearing rather shabby outdoor clothing that always left me feeling cold for hours after being outside. Since then,  I have invested in some simple but quality items. A warm coat? Check! Gloves? Check! Nice hat? Check! Gloves? Yep! Boots? You betcha! Now, I find myself gravitating more toward outdoor activities in the winter. It has worked like magic! This weekend, I am hoping to head up to some snow shoe trails. What a perfect way to enjoy nature, calm my mind, and bond with John. I love to pair our hike with a nice comforting meal when we are finished! What activities bring you joy in the winter?

For Your Mood

After receiving some flowers this week (Ahem. Thanks, John!), I have loved looking at the my bouquets several times each day. What a day brightener. I smell them. Feast upon their vibrant color. Fresh flowers are known to be a mood booster. Why not treat yourself? During these late winter months, it is the perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner. No need to be ornate here. Tulips. Daisies. A small cluster of color is all it takes! Do you have a favorite flower that boosts your mood?

For Your Mind

I have been choosing meditations based on topic this week. Currently, I am working on focus. Holy cow, people. I need some extra support on focusing. How about you? While I use the Calm app, there are plenty of free options out there. I have been amazed at how much I have enjoyed having one topic that I explore more deeply through my practice. Do you meditate? What is working for you lately?

For Your Heart

John and I went on an amazing date this week with some new soul friends. We ate the most delicious salmon and side dishes while looking around an art studio filled with exquisite sculptures! Later, we walked outside to gather in a nearby tepee (filled with  candles and the most cozy chairs and blankets). Our gathering bonded us with these new friends forever. It was extraordinary. And so good for our hearts.

In addition–we had a bit of a drive to get to this destination. John and I alternated playing songs from our years together.  Relationship songs spanning decades. Try this the next time you are out on a date with your love. Take turns playing songs from your time together. We (okay…I) cried. Laughed. Surprised one another. Sang at the top of our lungs. Remembered. Celebrated. I recommend this idea for any outing where you have a little time in the car alone. A small sampling of songs on our list? Just in case you are curious.

Suzanne Vega– “The Queen and the Soldier”

Billy Joel–“Vienna” and “And So It Goes”

Ben Rector– “Forever Like That”

The Proclaimers– “Then I Met You” and “Sunshine on Leith”

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego– “My Home”

The Beatles–“In My Life”

What are some of your relationship songs?

I am wishing you a weekend that suits you–whether that is stimulating, relaxing, or something in between. I would love to hear what has brought you joy this week! Yes?



6 Comments on “Weekly Share–February 16, 2018”

  1. Joy this week came wrapped in a surprising package — Valentines Day. Cindy and I haven’t been the best at making that a truly special day for us, but this year we nailed it. We booked a room at a beautiful lodge just 33 miles from home. After checking in, we strolled for an hour through the lovely gardens surrounding the lodge. An off-season special included dinner for two and a bottle of wine. The dinner (prime rib and stuffed sole) and wine (a Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon) were wonderful. After dinner we went to the bar in the lodge and sipped after dinner drinks (B&B and Chartreuse) while listening and singing along to live 60s and 70s music, with a little dancing thrown in. This after-party went on for three hours. It was a perfect evening for two.

    1. What a beautiful way to honor your relationship! I am always amazed at the power of a night away from it all. I loved hearing a bit about your time as it sounds like the perfect mix of enjoyment, relaxation, pleasure, and connection. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing so many good ideas Margi. We are out enjoying the beautiful snow in Colorado this weekend, you are absolutely correct that the right clothing can make the difference. I plan to enjoy a book and a song, as I slow down a bit.

    1. Hi Monica! I am so glad to hear from you in this space. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life this weekend. I imagine being outside is so beautiful where you are. Enjoy your time in nature and your time slowing things down a bit. We are in sync!

  3. I love your idea about the fresh flowers! I have been doing this lately too. A couple of weeks ago I found spotted some baby yellow roses when I was making a quick stop at the grocery store and splurged on them. I was surprised at how inexpensive they were..$8 for a dozen. They brightened up my kitchen and made me feel happy for a week every time I looked at them! :):)

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