Weekly Share–March 2, 2018

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For your viewing pleasure

This show. So addictive. Consider yourself warned. Let’s be clear. This show is not just about makeovers. This delightful bit of entertainment is about waking up. Challenging our own thoughts. Seizing the day. Daring to see ourselves in a new way. Love is at the core. And this group of five light the way. You can stream it on Netflix. Who doesn’t need a little joy about now? What television show are you enjoying currently?

For your mind

A couple of podcasts that I have delved into this week.

Invisibilia. This podcast explores the invisible things that shape the way we behave. Do you enjoy learning about human behavior? Psychology? With titles like–Emotions, The Personality Myth, The Culture Inside,  and The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes–it is difficult to go wrong. Choose away!

I also enjoyed listening to this Fresh Air podcast interview with Tara Westover, a now memoirist who grew up in the hills of Idaho with her religious fundamentalist family. No birth certificate. No doctors. No formalized school. Her childhood sounds otherworldly –as it vacillates between the days working a farm and canning a harvest to the days spent scouring a junkyard for scraps of metal to sell.  In this interview, it can often feel like Tara is softening/understating the emotional turmoil that lies at the core of her upbringing and family relationships.  Eventually, Tara finds the courage and determination to leave her family to attend college, eventually earning a PhD at Cambridge. So inspiring! The name of her riveting memoir is  Educated.

For your life

Watch this Ted talk.  Trust me. We will be sharing it with our teens this Sunday. Please watch before you share with your teens–as we are all different in our sensitivities and what resonates.  Yes? Personally, I found this to be an astounding message for those of us who are recovering from outsourcing our inner voice. What is one of your favorite Ted talks? Oh! Isn’t this one by John Dehlin a keeper?

A simple pleasure

A couple of years ago, our family visited some dear friends in their California home. We had such a lovely time. The beach walks and talks. The ultimate frisbee games. The pleasure of working on a puzzle together. And the gathering times of preparing food or just enjoying meals as families. So memorable. In the kitchen, my dear friend had Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle scent dish soap on hand every time we needed to do dishes.  I now tie that summer joy of a trip to that honeysuckle fragrance. What can I say? I am a scent girl. Fast forward to the present moment.  We are currently in the middle of winter here in Utah. Another storm is projected to visit us this weekend. It is cold and well…a bit gray. Hence, my order of a few Mrs. Meyers honeysuckle products! I may not have the actual beach or summer weather– but one thing I will have– is the scent of it all. And those warm memories–sigh– as the snow gently falls out my window. It is the simple things, people. What is a simple pleasure that is bringing you joy this week?

I am wishing you a weekend that feels good to you. Moments of calm. Moments of connection. Moments of joy. I would love to hear any of your shares from your life lately. Thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy hearing from you. Don’t be shy now.

7 Comments on “Weekly Share–March 2, 2018”

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely sharing! I’ve added Queer Eye to my Netflix & downloaded an Invisibilia podcast! Thanks for the head’s up – will look forward to listening.
    I’m enjoying reading Dan Brown’s latest ‘Origin’ at the moment – just a fun read – and fiction is great for taking one away from their own reality, and into someone else’s. Plus I find all the Catholic cultural references quite fascinating.
    As for podcasts….every week there seems to be more & more to listen to! Which is why It’s great to hear recommends. I find that Tim Ferries interviews a great mix of guests – I’ve just listened to his interview with Gabor Mate – a trauma specialist. Found this episode so compassionate and insightful. This American Life often has some great episodes – an eclectic mix. And I NEVER miss Everyone’s Agnostic. Some brave people share there de-conversion experiences here. The Good Life project with Jonathan Fields is a wonderful podcast. He is a gentle interviewer. I never tire listening to people’s life-stories. And On- Being is usually wonderful.
    I bought a hot-water bottle yesterday! We are easing into Autumn here in NZ…..and I must admit I do enjoy snuggling on the sofa with a hot bottle! 😍😍😍

    1. Fiona–There are indeed so many good things! Especially podcasts. You are so right! I will be sure to check out your Tim Ferriss recommend as I find him quite fascinating and have his books. My daughter enjoys the This American Life podcast too. I would love to try your other podcast recommends too. As for the hot water bottle, I purchased one last fall from Isabella/Chinaberry catalog. I am so with you! You can plug this one in (it heats the gel inside), you unplug it, and the warmth lasts for hours! My favorite is to heat it up and put it in my bed before I crawl in. Thank you for writing here. I love your shares!

      1. Oh my goodness that hot-water bottle sounds amazing! #thenextlevel. Might just have to check that out. Thanks for awakening my interest…
        Btw I watched my first episode of Queer Eye last night – love it! Aren’t those guys lovely?! And funny! In fact, they were so sweet I cried. They have great ideas, too. True EYES for beauty. Have a lovely Sunday – my 14 year old is off on a school camp today x

        1. Oh, and ps…(because I think you’ll like this). I’m about to write in a card I bought for Evie (all the things I love about her) and I shall secretly pop this in her back-pack for her to find at camp. I’ve also bought a cute soft-toy sloth which can stow away in her bag. #buildingmemories.

          I’m also sneaking in extra moisturizing balm because I’m worried she’ll burn her skin. 😀😀😀

          1. So connecting to hear about the small touches of love you are including in Evie’s bag. I love the idea of camp too! I hope she has a wonderful time.

  2. Love Invisibillia. Also: This American Life, Hidden Brain, Snap Judgement, Radiolab
    and Rough Translation.

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