Weekly Share--March 23, 2018


Hello again! I have returned from my coaching training days. Man-oh-man, is it difficult for me to remain largely stationary for 7 to 8 hours a day!! I must say that I learned a lot, met some marvelous people--and am now, working hard to read, process, and experience all I can so that I will be able to finish up all my certification requirements by the end of May. It is good to learn new things, yes?? It keeps us alive and growing. Are you learning something new currently? What is it? Feel free to share below in the comments section! But now, on to the share!

For your soul

Joanna Goddard interviewed Kate Bowler on "How Stage IV Cancer Taught Me How to Live". Kate is 35, a college professor at Duke, and married with a young son. Confession. I tend to rather gravitate toward memoirs around illness and death. I find them to be filled with a clarity that is lost on the rest of us, privileged and healthy folk. This clarity and perspective seems to accompany loss or rather grave circumstances. Have you ever noticed that? So, I guess I read to witness, to feel, and to hopefully, be reminded-- that living can never wait.  And that wisdom is what occurs when an open heart is challenged mercilessly.

For your viewing pleasure

So, who doesn't need a little joy these days? A little warming of the ol' heart muscle? It is a pleasure to walk into the world of Love, Simon and experience these characters for a while. High school has been redeemed (albeit fictionally) with this small clan of kids. Go ahead and check it out at your local theaters. Get ready to see a sweet love story that will make your heart sing!

For your health

I have been trying out a new podcast called Optimal Living Daily. Have you heard of it? The podcasts are short (think 8 minutes long, short). They consist of extremely condensed writings that are read out loud in the form of a podcast. Or at least, that is what I have experienced so far. There is Optimal Health Daily. Optimal Finance Daily. Or Optimal Living Daily for Relationships. I just subscribe to the general, Optimal Living Daily. A few favorites?  I listened to Mark Manson's "Subtle Lies We All Tell Ourselves" (Part 1 and Part 2) and found it to be highly amusing. Give it a go! He is the author of this bestselling book! I also enjoyed Angel Chernoff of Marc and Angel Hack Life website. She shares "10 Habits You Must Quit to Be Happy." I rather think happiness is a faulty goal (and an unrealistic expectation for life) but it is still worth a listen. What do you think of the short format?

For your mood

As mentioned previously, I am a fragrance girl. I am spending a little bit of time thinking about a spring/summer perfume for the change of season. Might I ask--do  you have a favorite scent for the warmer months of the year or do you wear a signature fragrance all year long? I would love to hear. Fragrance so affects our mood. Whether it is the smell of fresh flowers, the wind entering our home from an open window, the smell of our dish soap, or a warming candle--I love considering the scents around me. Or in this particular case-- on me!

Happy spring wishes to you. Perhaps some fresh flowers might be the perfect celebratory act for the first week of spring! Yes?

Thanks for letting me share a few simple things with you! I would love to hear what has been lighting you up these days.