Weekly Share–March 9, 2018

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You have made it to Friday. For that, you are the winner! Yes. You. Are. And the prize is… some fun shares delivered from me to you.

A Simple Pleasure

The first share is a simple pleasure. A clue? I hate stagnant air. The air inside my home can sometimes feel a bit lacking in the fresh department. It is just what happens when we are pumping central air through our home day after day. Now, I clearly value my heater and air conditioner–but I wouldn’t say the heated air is exactly fresh. One thing I love to do is to turn off any air in my home… and open the windows for about twenty to thirty minutes. Clearly in the spring, summer,  and fall–I can do this for longer periods of time. Hurray! But I especially like to do this during the winter. So maybe you feel like this isn’t so special– but for me, it really brings a bit of the outdoors in. It revitalizes how my home smells and feels to me. I can hear the birds. It makes me happy. Call me crazy. Try it. Go ahead! I dare you.

For Your Soul

John sent Clara this song/video amidst a string of challenging days cause he is thoughtful like that. High school can be a rough go. Remember, anyone? This song is the perfect antidote for those of us who are feeling a bit down and out. Repeat song as necessary.

And…because one song is not enough at this time of year. A good friend of mine (Hat tip–Jen Hammond)  turned my attention to the artist Milck. Do you know her?  We all should. Try the song “Black Sheep” on for size. Or for a mantra song, try her remake of “Ooh Child.”

What songs feel healing to you right now?

Music is magic, isn’t it?

For Inspiration

I am sitting on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating this documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. May 4th, people. What are some of your favorite documentaries? We love us some documentaries around our house!

For Your Relationship

A good friend of ours (Hat tip–Liz Dalton) suggested an idea that has revolutionized our dating experience. Do you think I might be exaggerating a little? Let me reassure you. Nope. We used to schedule our calendar in a bit of a reactionary way. Things come up? We plan them. Write them down on the correct day and time in our calendar. We would have dates by ourselves sometimes. Dinners out with friends. Work functions to attend. Ultimate frisbee games or track meets. It was all there. It still is. But HOW we schedule all of this FEELS  different. IN A GOOD WAY.

Consider date weekends. This idea works especially well if, as a couple, you sometimes enjoy different things. John has two weekends a month where he plans a date with me. He invites me. Tells me when to be ready. If I need to wear anything special. The deal is that we show up as our best selves for the date. Good energy. Generous. Any tense topics are left behind for the duration of our time together. They can wait. We really try to just focus on the time at hand. Oh! And the outing must reflect us in some way. Our desires. Our personality. Or our world. It is a time to share ourselves with one another. We definitely don’t plan up the entire weekend–but John can decide if we visit his parents or if we attend a work function that weekend. He may want a breakfast with friends. The weekend can reflect his level of being social and his values. I accept all the invitations that I can really feel positive about. It switches for the other two weekends. I am in charge of those. So I do the same. I plan a date that reflects something about my inner world. I let him know the time. What to wear. I bring my best self to the date. And for those weekends, I have a bit more say as to how busy they tend to feel. We aren’t too rules oriented here–but it comes in handy as I tend to enjoy slower weekends. Dates that are out in nature. A bit relaxed. More intimate. Hello snowshoeing! With good food always. John may choose more of a group date. Or karaoke. Or a movie at the Broadway (which I also appreciate). The key is that we are both represented in a beautiful way in our lives. This has felt so honoring. And now, we are both a bit more thoughtful about our date choices. We feel more empowered. And honored in our shared time. Try it out if this sounds like something that might work for you! What are some of your favorite date ideas?

For Your Health

Have you heard of The Blue Zones Solution? There are a few books, a website, and even a project based on nine tenets (called “the power nine”) that continually show up in communities where people live long, high-quality lives. Some of the principles are–

*natural movement

*knowing your purpose

*putting family first

*eating largely a plant-based diet

If you are interested, check out the Ted Talk here. I find health stuff fascinating.


Next week, I will not be blogging as I will be immersed in a coach training course that will lead to my certification. Very exciting! Thank you for being so supportive of my space here. It means so much. I will be back shortly!

So now you have a few things that have been lighting me up lately. I would love to hear from you. Do you have anything you would love to share with me??  Be brave, now!

5 Comments on “Weekly Share–March 9, 2018”

  1. Hi Margi…..thanks – once again – for your wonderful sharing. I always find your posts inspiring and so full of ideas to make life bigger. I get the sense you are so intentional about every area of your life. Similar to you, I am endeavoring to piece together a hand made life that brings and gives joy. There will be some overlap with what we love so it’s wonderful to share ideas.

    I’ve just finished work with my last student – & I mark that with a walk on the quarry with my furry (dog). It’s a wonderful spot…the sun is going down and it isnt quite cold enough fir a jacket. Saturday night is my one quiet night – I love to chill on the sofa with Netflex (Queer Eye tonight) & a blanket/snacks (salsa/nachos). Plus I like to flick through my favourite magazines (Good Housekeeping UK is the best!) But I also take this time to make lists (I’m a list maker!) and write down my big dreams….where I’d like to travel to…career ambitions.

    A podcast I enjoyed this week was Tim Ferriss talking to Jack Kornfield. I love going to sleep listening to calm teaching such as this. Tara Brach (Buddhist teacher) would be my favourite. Both Tara and Jack are Clinical Psychologists as well as Buddhist teachers…a nice mix – practical and hopeful.

    Like you I throw open the windows when I first wake up! Half an hour is enough to make a difference.

    I love your date night ideas….especially the bit where you set aside ‘stuff that’s going on’ and just focus on each other….having fun. Life can be very serious – so much going on – I love the idea of just having a few hours just enjoying each other.

    My Evie is back from camp. Hooray!! She had a great time…caving, white-water rafting…rock-climbing. Bonding with her class-mates & teachers. I did five loads of washing in one day after emptying her packs. Strangely satisfying.

    By the way I love the name Clara! Did you take it from ‘Heidi’ perchance?

    All the best with your life-coaching! Would love to hear more about it, and your training 😀

    1. Ps: (there always seems to be an after-thought)!
      As you are very interested in all aspects of health I thought I’d share what I’m exploring…
      Definately a walk in nature each day is a must-do – it ticks so many boxes. Exercise/fresh air/being surrounded by beauty/my furry gets his walk.
      In terms of nutrition….I”m really interested in the idea that our bodies don’t need animal products (& they are environmental unsustainable). Not to mention farming practices 😓 Letting go of meat hasn’t been hard….dairy products, however are a work in progress. Cheese!!! I’ve recently discovered oat milk – quite yummy! Preferable to almond/coconut milk. Our taste buds are all different…it’s about finding a taste that suits, and there seems to be more and more on the market.

      I love the Rich Roll podcast. He’s a vegan athlete – some of the people he interviews are very inspiring and so compassionate.

      What we put into our bodies is very personal….I thought I’d share where I’m at right now.

      1. I have listened to Rich Roll before. Maybe on the 10% Happier podcast? I understand your interest in letting go of animal products. Makes sense. My daughter is whole food vegan and it really works for her. You will have to keep me updated as to your experience. I do love the idea of whole food–mostly plants. We eat organic meat a couple of times each week. We use almond milk now–only because soy is confusing to me research-wise and I have not heard/tasted oat milk. Is it fortified at all? Protein?I do enjoy cheese too! And some greek yogurt. I try not to be too stringent about anything. It is better for my psyche. And pleasure is important. Still, I like the idea of considering a holistic plan that is based on our personal nutritional needs, values, and experiences. Best of luck to you! I can tell you are so intentional.

        1. Hi Margi, I don’t think oat milk is as available as the other milks….I’ve only seen in at one supermarket (an Aussie brand) & cafes don’t stock it…yet. I stumbled upon it while trying out all the others – I prefer the taste & that’s why I choose it (although it is fortified with vitamins & minerals too). It’s a creamy taste if you like that. Think porridge. Mmmm…I think the jury is still out with soy – and I totally agree, being too stringent with what we will & won’t eat isn’t healthy psychologically. Which is why I make choc chip cookies for lunches on a Sunday. Pleasure is a necessary! 🖒

    2. Thank you, Fiona. I love hearing about your Saturday evening ritual. So soothing. I appreciate the details about what you are watching and eating. Sounds so cozy and nurturing. I wrote down your podcast recommend. Thank you! I also like Tara Brach. Thank you for sharing some of your life with me. I love it! As for Clara–she is named after Clara Barton. The founder of the Red Cross. Best wishes.

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